Negative Attention

by Guilty Conscience



releases 21 March 2015

Andre - Bass
Doug - Guitar
Garrett - Guitar
John - Vocals
Kyle - Drums

Recorded & Mixed by Jonathan Nuñez at Pinecrust Studios in Miami, Florida. / Mastered by Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East in Cambridge, Massachussetts.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Courtesy of Rats
Chemicals flowing through my veins
Gaining ground, like a slow-moving train.
On this track, I'm going to wind up dead.
Corporate gun held to my fucking head.

I'm a number, I am not a name.
Suffering from cost efficiency.
Poisoned while chomping at the bit.
Somehow I started, now I can't quit.
Profits made at our expense.
No regard for public wellness.
Population's terminally sick.
Regulations are total bullshit.

Flowing through my veins,
Like a slow-moving train.
I'm going to wind up dead.
Gun held straight to my head.

Survival's out of style,
Time is but a thief.
Can't sustain yourself
With the legs swept underneath.
Hoping for a bone in a sea scraps.
Expect nothing more than the courtesy of rats.
Track Name: Negative Attention
Negative Attention, what you attract.
One false move and we're all set back.
I wonder if you feel the guilt
for tearing down all that we've built.
Another space, laid to waste.
another venue is taken away.
Parking lot, all ages show.
Drunk and causing problems,
You've got to go.

The outside world doesn't understand, What we do.
behind these four walls, we set the rules. (x2)

Think twice about everything we could lose,
Because it's all put on the line with the things that you do.
Can't tolerate how you undermine all the efforts of so many to keep this alive.
Track Name: Lost Weekend
One time you slip
And no one catches you.
The friends you thought were true,
Can't be bothered.
Down on your luck
And feeling led astray.
I guess we're not on the same page.
Maybe we never were.
Now you're just like all the others.
Who cheered me on while I raced for the floor.

I feel alone in the most crowded of rooms.
Anxiety asks, "What are you going to do?"
I told myself this wouldn't happen again.
I feel alone in the most crowded of rooms.
Anxiety asks, "What the fuck are you going to do?"
Told myself this wouldnt happen again.